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But the plastic, locking Snapware set is cheaper, lighter, and more convenient for transporting food than our glass picks.

Snapware is owned by the same company as Pyrex, and similarly, it offers replaceable lids and a long warranty. These sets have held up well over time in our home kitchens, too. For those reasons, we think the Snapware set is the best option from our picks if you want to prep your meal ahead and grab your container from the fridge on your way out the door.

The lids in the Snapware Total Solution set are easy to snap closed unlike those in the Snapware Airtight set, which were difficult to latch and repeatedly popped open, or the Rubbermaid Brilliance lids, which sprang shut violently, like a mousetrap.

With the locking tabs, these containers are more likely to stay shut than sets with press-on lids from IKEA or our budget pick, the Rubbermaid TakeAlongs.

The containers themselves were also stain-free. And the Snapware Total Solution set performed admirably in our drop tests: Only a small piece on the corner of the lid broke off, after the third drop.

We appreciate that the Snapware containers nest, for easy storage, or stack neatly in the fridge and freezer. The set comes with 10 containers and matching lids in a variety of shapes and sizes that we think will work for most foods—from small circular containers for storing sauces or dressings to deeper, rounded rectangles for lasagna or curry.

We found the Snapware lids slightly easier to lock and pop off than the Glasslock lids thanks to a small protruding tab at the rim.

The key difference between the two containers is that you can remove the gaskets on the Glasslock lids for cleaning, but the gaskets on the Snapware lids we tested are attached.

The instructions on the Snapware Total Solution product page recommend removing the gasket for cleaning. These containers are microwave-, freezer-, and dishwasher-safe. Snapware also sells replaceable lids for every shape in the set if you need them: round , square , and rectangular.

Like Pyrex, Snapware is a Corelle brand. Like a lot of glass containers we considered, these have a history of chipping over time although many Wirecutter staffers report no issues after years of use.

But they also put pressure on the edge of the glass, which, according to the glass experts we spoke with, may be causing stress that results in breakage. Several reviewers also mentioned that their containers chipped after they nested them for storage.

We were told by Jane Cook, then chief scientist at the Corning Museum of Glass , that stacking glass can cause stress over time because the two hard surfaces rub together, and this may eventually lead to chipping.

You can stack the containers on top of each other with the lids on instead, or layer a paper towel between containers.

Per piece, the set also costs less than other glass options we considered. In our tests, greens remained sprightly, and cut strawberries tasted just a touch off after being refrigerated for two weeks.

Impressively, the Glasslock set bounced in our drop tests, with no damage to the glass containers. For kicks, we even tried dropping a Glasslock container onto cement.

It broke on a corner only after three other attempts to crack the thing. The Glasslock set comes with nine square, rectangular, and round containers ranging from 0.

Though the containers are clear, you can choose to get them with clear lids with a sea-green gasket or with translucent cornflower-blue lids. This set has a wider range of shapes than the glass Rubbermaid Brilliance set. The Glasslock walls are thick but perfectly see-through, and same-shape containers of different sizes nest even with the lids on.

These containers stack beautifully in the fridge, making it easy to see what leftovers you have. And we still saw complaints of chipping in the reviews. You can order the right-size lid on its website by looking for the product code etched into the bottom of your container. Like all tempered glassware, the Glasslock containers can spontaneously shatter albeit very rarely due to surface damage, manufacturing flaws, or extreme thermal stresses.

The chipping is probably due to the pressure that the locking lids put on the glass when you snap them shut, or from stacking the containers. Cook said that you can also put stress on glass by rubbing it against a material as hard or harder than itself which happens when you stack glass containers on top of each other.

That stress is also exacerbated when you stack warm containers that have expanded. We also subjected the Glasslock containers to extreme thermal stresses , and they survived unscathed. This seems to happen only to sets that people hand-wash. Some Amazon reviewers have complained that the flaps on the lids of the Glasslock containers make a racket when snapped shut.

Marilyn Ong, supervising editor on our kitchen team, has owned Glasslock containers for roughly seven years, and she uses them frequently to store leftovers for her family of five. She ordered new lids for free from the Glasslock website , paid a few dollars for shipping, and received them less than a week later.

And while other budget plastic containers we tested, like those from Reditainer and Glad, shattered immediately when filled with water and dropped from waist height, the Rubbermaid container we dropped remained fully sealed for two drops. Only after the fourth drop did the base of the Rubbermaid crack.

The plastic becomes soft when microwaved, though not as soft as the Ziploc and Glad containers. The Rubbermaid TakeAlongs also stained slightly and retained a faint tomato scent after dishwashing, which was a problem we encountered with all of the cheap plastic sets we tested.

We also like deli containers , which stack and are designed to be disposable if you want to give food away or leave your container behind. Your containers will likely outlast your lids, but you can try and take a little extra care of them to prolong their lifespan.

No sealed lid benefits from the vacuum effect that happens when you heat your food in the microwave. Abusing the lid in this way can cause it to warp and lose its seal. When you microwave, if you must keep the lid on to prevent splatter, always make sure to loosen the lid completely and set it slightly ajar across the top of the container.

An even better option is to put a vented microwave cover or a paper towel over your container when you zap it. But if the lid has a removable gasket, remove the gasket from time to time and clean it separately from the lid to make sure no mold can grow. due to high, uneven heat, humidity, and chemicals from detergent.

We noticed a few of our Glasslock lids began to break after four years of putting them through the dishwasher, and our Pyrex lids have cracked over time, too.

Hand-washing them with water no hotter than what comes from your tap, or at least avoiding the heated dry cycle if your dishwasher has one when you do use the dishwasher, may help extend their lifespan.

After removing glass food-storage containers from a hot dishwasher, the experts we spoke to recommend letting them cool before stacking them in a cupboard. To store, dry the lids completely before putting away.

We recommend leaving the lids resting on top of the containers, but not snapped shut, which helps to protect the longevity of the seal. Never subject your glass food storage containers to extreme thermal stresses such as taking containers from the freezer and placing them directly into a hot oven and vice versa.

If you prefer borosilicate glass containers: We liked the shape and size variation of the OXO 16 Piece Smart Seal Glass Container Set. But if you plan on using your containers frequently in the oven or freezer, or the Glasslock containers are sold out, we think this is a good option.

The white lids stained in our tomato sauce tests of course , and because the lids are glass, the containers are heavy and not ideal for transport. If you want to switch between plastic and glass containers: We appreciate that the lids on the Snapware Total Solution Pyrex Glass Set are interchangeable with those of the plastic Snapware set.

This set was our former runner-up pick for glass containers though it used to have 18 pieces and slightly different shape options. Because the silicone-bordered lids are a little harder to clean by hand than those of the Glasslocks containers, we recommend these only if having interchangeable lids between plastic and glass sets is important to you.

If the Snapware set is sold out: We like the lids on the plastic OXO Good Grips Smart Seal Plastic Container Set just as much as the ones on the glass version.

The lids on all of our picks the locking-style lids on the Glasslocks or Snapware containers and the press-on style lids from Pyrex and Rubbermaid take some effort to get on and off. Suction lids, by contrast, simply sit atop a bowl or container you already own to cover it.

We also tried the GIR lids, which come in more sizes and colors. I found them easier to put on, take off, and clean than firmer lids with ridges or tabs; maybe you will too.

There are just two shape and size options in the Rubbermaid Brilliance glass set, and the lids are more difficult to shut and pry off than those of our picks.

The Anchor Hocking Glass Food Storage Set survived our drop tests, but the containers leaked more than the similarly designed glass Pyrex containers we tested. The flimsy lids in this set also held onto odors more than our picks.

They also have fewer shape options, and the locking lids require more force to shut than our plastic containers pick. The lids are a little harder to align and lock, compared with our picks. In our update, these were the only plastic containers to have freezer burn and to stain after our tomato sauce test.

These containers also shattered in our drop test. The Rubbermaid Premier set did very well in nearly all of our tests, but it was difficult to tell when the lid was sealed properly.

We also thought the container sizes were a little too small for holding leftovers. The Snapware Airtight Plastic Food Container Set we recommended in had faulty lid flaps that were difficult to close when they were tested again in This set also held onto food odors and stains more than the competition.

This set is no longer available in these shapes, but there is a set of round containers. These containers also no longer come in a set with varying shapes and sizes, so every piece must be purchased individually.

The Glad MatchWare color-coded lids and containers made matching pairs easy. But they leaked, stained, and left ground meat covered with freezer burn. These containers also exploded in our drop tests.

The colors and patterns on this set have changed since our original review, though the containers are the same. Nicole Papantoniou, The Best Food Storage Containers , Good Housekeeping, January 22, Sharon Franke, The Best Food Storage Containers of , Reviewed, February 16, The Best Food-Storage Containers on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers , The Strategist, September 8, Faith Durand, executive editor for The Kitchn , email interview.

Michele Thomas, then executive editor at the International Culinary Center , email interview, January 28, Jane Cook, PhD, then chief scientist at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York , phone interview, September 15, and March 16, William C. LaCourse, PhD, then professor in the Glass Engineering Science department at Alfred University in Alfred, New York , phone interview, September 12, Heated Glass Comparison , Vitroglazings.

Anna Perling is a former staff writer covering kitchen gear at Wirecutter. During her time at Wirecutter, she reported on various topics including sports bras, board games, and light bulbs. Previously she wrote food and lifestyle pieces for Saveur and Kinfolk magazines.

Anna is a mentor at Girls Write Now and a member of the Online News Association. Michael Sullivan has been a staff writer on the kitchen team at Wirecutter since Previously, he was an editor at the International Culinary Center in New York.

He has worked in various facets of the food and restaurant industry for over a decade. After testing 19 food storage container sets over the years, we recommend the Rubbermaid Brilliance Containers and the Rubbermaid Commercial Containers. We have the best freezer containers, plus expert advice on saving money and reducing waste by getting the most from your freezer.

If you want to give someone a food gift to show you care, consider cooking for them, ordering a gift basket or delivery, or organizing a meal train.

Food storage container lids are incredibly annoying to deal with—unless you have the YouCopia StoraLid Container Lid Organizer. Everything we recommend. Our pick. Pyrex Simply Store Piece Set The best glass container set. Snapware Total Solution Piece Food Storage Set The best plastic container set.

Glasslock Piece Container Set The best leakproof glass container set. Budget pick. Rubbermaid TakeAlongs Food Storage Containers Containers you can leave behind. Back to top Why you should trust us Who should get this Choosing between glass and plastic containers How we picked and tested Our glass pick: Pyrex Simply Store Piece Set Our pick: Snapware Total Solution Piece Food Storage Set Runner-up: Glasslock Piece Container Set Budget pick: Rubbermaid TakeAlongs Food Storage Containers Care and maintenance Other good food storage containers The competition Sources.

Missing Shop for everyday storage bins, wastebaskets and storage containers at Dollar Tree. Get organized with low-cost organizers $ with Subscribe & Save discount. FREE delivery on $35 shipped by Amazon. Freshware Food Storage Containers [50 Set] 8 oz

The 9 Cheapest Places to Buy Storage Bins

Bargain storage container sets - Shop winter storage savings · Holiday storage · Pickup Today · Plastic Bins & Boxes · Sterilite · Clear Storage · Heavy duty storage · Plastic Missing Shop for everyday storage bins, wastebaskets and storage containers at Dollar Tree. Get organized with low-cost organizers $ with Subscribe & Save discount. FREE delivery on $35 shipped by Amazon. Freshware Food Storage Containers [50 Set] 8 oz

These food storage containers are space saving and come in compact designs for perfect organization and stacking in your fridge or cabinet.

Stay Organized with Food Kitchen Storage. Keeping your kitchen organized is super important for both convenience and efficiency. Whether you are meal prepping for the week or want to grab a quick snack, having your food organized is sure to help you save time.

Food storage containers are perfect to store foods like cereal, pretzels or cookies. Sending your child off to school? Speed up your morning routine and cut down on junk food by pre-packing their lunches with fresh foods in storage bowls with lids.

Pack their meal in a colorful lunch box and place it in the fridge allowing them to quickly grab and go before school. You can find a wide range of food storage containers in a variety of sizes and materials. Storing food in containers is an essential part of keeping food fresh and safe to eat.

The container you choose should be appropriate for the food you want to store. Plastic containers with tight-fitting lids are great for storing dry goods and leftovers, while glass containers are better for storing liquids.

In these moments, having the right food storage containers is crucial. Airtight containers help to keep food fresh by preventing air from entering and moisture from escaping. This is especially important when storing foods that are prone to spoilage.

Make meal prep a little easier with perfectly-portioned glass containers in a variety of sizes—great for storing salads, chicken dishes and even desserts. You can even infuse water or juices with fresh fruit using infusion pitchers.

Browse through a large collection of food storage containers to find the perfect one for you! skip to main content skip to footer. Registry Weekly Ad RedCard Target Circle Find Stores. Unique Bargains : Food Storage Containers.

Filter 1. Brand 1. Pieces in Set. Guest Rating. Unique Bargains. Clear all. If Amazon is your go-to for household essentials shipped to your door in a couple days or less or even same-day , make sure to peruse its extensive selection of storage bins.

The ubiquitous marketplace allows you to shop by department, from lidded storage bins to shelf baskets; brand, like Amazon Basics, Sterilite, and Rubbermaid; price; color; and more.

Target is almost heaven for storage bin aficionados. The major retailer makes it easy to shop for storage bins at low prices by showcasing six essential categories: decorative, cubbies and cubes, tubs and totes, shelving units, bins and boxes, and deals. For those looking to shop by room, simply scroll down midway on the website and find the likes of entry room storage, laundry room storage, kitchen storage, and more.

With a mix of utility and style in each piece, shoppers will discover pieces like this Bella Quart Storage Bin with dainty pink polka dots, and this versatile Brightroom Bath Basket Crate for storing bathroom essentials. The more you buy, the more clutter you have.

Thankfully, Walmart is littered in the best way with thousands of cheap storage bins to help you keep everything in its place. You can search on the site by suggested popular terms like plastic crates, Sterilite, or hefty storage containers, or take your pick from customer favorites like this set of two Sterilite 3-Drawer Carts or this four-pack of Mainstays Quart Under Bed Storage Boxes.

The Home Depot is a goldmine for cheap storage bins, especially those that are suited for storing tools and other heavy-duty items. The landing page offers a range of plus storage bins to shop from trusted brands like Husky and HDX, and filtered by dimension, color, shape, and more.

With more than 21, reviews, this HDX Gallon Tough Storage Tote featuring a secure snap lid is ideal for organizing a messy garage, while the Husky Stackable Storage Bin will help you make the most of tight spaces.

You can choose between all types of storage boxes and baskets, many of which come in numerous colors. With the new handwoven Krallig basket , you can fold in the handles to hide your belongings. The Drona Box , on the other hand, is available in six versatile colors and operates as a catch-all for the likes of office supplies, clothes, and food.

Shop by room—like bathroom and garage—or by category, like outdoor and decorative. The selection is so visually appealing, most storage bins in other categories can easily work to spruce up any space. This set of six multicolor Collapsible Fabric Storage Cubes creates a cohesive look between every room in a home while the Keter Deck Storage Container will help ensure an outdoor space looks neat and tidy during summer entertainment season.

Waiting for something you love to fall into your budget? To further narrow down your search, check out featured collections that are arranged by material like wicker, fabric, and plastic, and use the left-hand side to browse via aesthetic, features, and dimensions.

Bargain storage container sets - Shop winter storage savings · Holiday storage · Pickup Today · Plastic Bins & Boxes · Sterilite · Clear Storage · Heavy duty storage · Plastic Missing Shop for everyday storage bins, wastebaskets and storage containers at Dollar Tree. Get organized with low-cost organizers $ with Subscribe & Save discount. FREE delivery on $35 shipped by Amazon. Freshware Food Storage Containers [50 Set] 8 oz

Plastic storage containers can house anything from roasted nuts to half a rotisserie chicken, from a dollop of peanut butter or a slice of cake. Perhaps now you can say goodbye to one-use plastic bags though reusable storage bags are always an option. Sets of multiple stackable containers are the perfect solution.

These nest into one another like Matryoshka dolls, making for efficient, space-saving storage. When stacking full containers — whether in the pantry, fridge, or freezer — sets designed with stackability in mind will have lids and bottoms shaped for compatibility with other pieces. This often looks like raised bumps and indents that work together to stop the containers from sliding when moved in tandem.

While some discoloration is inevitable, containers designed with cleanliness in mind have some longevity when it comes to retaining their looks. The cleaning process is simple.

After wiping or scraping excess food from the plastic, washing by hand should require nothing more than hot water and soap.

After one wash, a really good plastic storage container should retain no smells or stains from its last contents. We wanted each container candidate to face a variety of tests. We observed whether fresh foods remained fresh by tracking ripening avocados and the speed at which cut apples browned in each container.

We also looked for signs of freezer burn on foods stored in the freezer and noted whether the containers leaked food smells into our fridges and freezers. Damage from using the containers in the microwave and dishwasher measured the quality of the material.

We checked how leak-proof each container was with liquids — including checking the product's lid, lip, or seal. Lastly, we stored foods likely to stain each container think pungent pasta sauce , ketchup, or beets , looking for remaining marks and color post-wash, and then noted how easy each container was to clean.

With over 40 years of practical experience in the food and beverage industry, Brach also known as The Sustainable Chef has dealt with his fair share of storage containers. After removing any leftover food from the container and wiping grease or oil from the container, start the cleaning process by rinsing the container and its lid under hot water.

Then, wash them in the sink with dish soap and hot water. Some containers are dishwasher safe, but handwashing helps the containers stay in good condition for longer. Avoiding particularly oily foods will help keep your containers in good condition and avoid premature staining.

Raw and cooked meats, dairy products, eggs, seafood, cooked rice and pasta, ready-to-eat foods, and prepared mayonnaise-based or fruit salads are all safe to store in plastic food containers but cultivate bacteria very quickly.

Use painter's tape and a marker, like a restaurant, to add dates to your leftovers and stored food. Brach says the best way to identify food-grade plastic containers is to look at the bottom. Look for a small triangle of arrows surrounding a number. Generally, numbers 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7 identify food-grade plastic.

Our experts agree that a glass set of storage containers might hold up better than this set. Unfortunately, we experienced occasional leakage and air exposure issues in testing.

We noticed a small amount of leakage, and the avocado we stored began to brown. We also tested sets from OXO, Ziploc, Bentgo, and more. While some sets fared well in one or two tests, they did not meet the mark on all.

This, paired with staining or warping when cleaning, kept us from adding to our list of recommendations. Christa Glennie has been a freelance writer and food editor for nearly 20 years. She is also the author of two cookbooks and specializes in food and drink trends, agriculture, the regional foodways of Western New York, and the restaurant business.

Her respect for simplicity and uncluttered counters in the kitchen ultimately fuels a desire to find and own well-designed, multi-purpose, best-in-class kitchen tools. Use limited data to select advertising. Create profiles for personalised advertising. Use profiles to select personalised advertising.

Create profiles to personalise content. Use profiles to select personalised content. Measure advertising performance. Measure content performance.

Understand audiences through statistics or combinations of data from different sources. Develop and improve services. Use limited data to select content. List of Partners vendors. By Christa Glennie. Christa Glennie.

Christa Glennie is a former restaurant professional who has logged nearly two decades as a writer and editor covering people and trends in food, drink, dining, and agriculture.

In This Article Expand. Our top picks. Our Favorite. Factors to Consider. New Lower Price. KORKEN Jar with lid, 34 oz. More options KORKEN Jar with lid 34 oz. HAVSTOBIS Food container with lid, set of 5. VARDAGEN Jar with lid, 64 oz. Last chance to buy. More options VARDAGEN Jar with lid 64 oz.

Showing 24 of Your pantry deserves to look good too Say goodbye to a messy spice cabinet and hello to organized bliss. Food and pantry storage made easy With our clever food storage containers, keeping your food fresh is a piece of cake note: cake sold separately!

Explore kitchen storage essentials like jars, insulated tote bags, bottles, baskets, canisters, spice racks and food storage containers that will keep your life organized and your leftovers secured. From lunch boxes for the kids to bring to school, to thermoses to keep their hot chocolate warm, Kohl's has it all.

As you shop for food storage, you're sure to notice that the containers come in several different types of materials. You can find storage options in metal, glass, porcelain, and other types of constructions. Metal food containers usually are made of stainless steel, which help keep the contents fresh.

However, the drawback to this type of container is that it should not be used in a microwave. Plastic containers do have their place, however. They offer a convenient option for transporting food, due to the fact that plastic storage options are much lighter than glass.

And plastic is shatter-resistant, unlike glass, which will easily break when dropped. No matter which of these options you choose, know that you're being environmentally friendly by using reusable containers instead of single-use bags and other disposable food storage options that might end up in landfills for years.

When looking to find a way to store and display your fruit, or for a basket to keep your bread, the selection of bins and baskets at Kohl's offers many options. After you've baked a batch of delicious chocolate chip cookies, keep them fresh in one of the many available cookie jars.

Cookie jars from Kohl's come in a variety of fun styles with holiday, farmhouse and even college football themes. You'll also want to be sure to check out the many meal prep containers we offer.

Meal prep containers are perfect for those who wish to put together a week's worth of meals at one time, and the containers offer a great way to keep the prepared meals ready to go when you send your family off to work or school!

Get great food storage supplies from top brands like Pyrex, Picnic Time, Certified International, Old Dutch and Gourmet Basics! Get food storage containers in 30 piece sets or buy them individually.

There is no shortage of kitchen storage options at Kohl's! With all the food storage container options at Kohl's, you'll be able to organize your kitchen in no time!

We're sorry,JavaScript is required to shop Kohls. Food Storage. Food Storage Storage Sets Rubbermaid Bentgo OXO Pyrex Storage. Sort By Featured New Arrivals Best Sellers Price Low-High Price High-Low Highest Rated Percent Off Featured undefined.

Best Seller. Top Rated. Kitchen Storage Declutter your countertops and prioritize your pantry with a wide array of food storage options from Kohl's. Differences Between Materials Used in Food Storage Containers As you shop for food storage, you're sure to notice that the containers come in several different types of materials.

Specific Food Storage Container Options When looking to find a way to store and display your fruit, or for a basket to keep your bread, the selection of bins and baskets at Kohl's offers many options. Popular Searches: Furniture Storage Storage Cabinets Bathroom Storage Christmas Storage Entryway Bench with Storage Collapsible Storage Bins Toy Storage Bins Shoe Storage Bench Storage Garage Storage Cabinets Plastic Storage Bins End Table with Storage Entryway Shoe Storage Fabric Storage Bins Jewelry Boxes Storage Bins Storage Drawers Storage Bench for Bedroom Under Bed Storage Bins Glass Food Storage Containers Office Storage Cubical Storage Storage Ottomans Bathroom Storage Cabinet Storage Totes Stackable Storage Bins Wire Basket Storage Metal Storage Shelf.

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Amazon shopping vlog- Meesho favorite 😍 - Kitchen Items - Cheapest online purchase 👍 Stores Sdts a Store Clinic Get samples online Optical More In-Store Services. Or, instead, in it. Storag for ways to keep your food organized? Best for Sauces and Condiments:. Ello DuraGlass pc. Our Top Picks. This seems to happen only to sets that people hand-wash.

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